Sunday, December 30, 2007

GPP Crusade #15 Where in the World?

I was working on this post here and there this evening only to find out
some how I published a very rough draft. Ugh! Embarrassing I hope no one saw it!
This is my real post *grins, with a red face*

Where in the world am I?
My small portion of the world is central Wisconsin USA and I love it!
I was born in Madison, the state capital.
My family moved away when I was in high school.
I have lived in a few other places (Iowa, Illinois, Maryland and Virginia).
But I was so happy to return to Wisconsin, settle down and start a family.
Wisconsin is very agricultural, so most of the state is covered with farms,
and woods, but we have a bit of everything. You name it...Wisconsin has it.
At the bottom, I included links to a bunch
of interesting things about Wisconsin.

While growing up, the tourism motto was "Escape to Wisconsin", I thought it described the area perfect. I don't think there is anyplace else I'd rather live. Of course I want to travel, but with the knowledge that I can always come home to Wisconsin. Sappy huh!

Some of my family's favorite places or things to do....
Madison-all around great town for everything! We love walking around in our state capital building, Henry Vilas Zoo, Thrift stores (Goodwill on the east side and St Vinnies on Williamson) and the Learning Shop toy store on the west side. And art fairs!

geology of Wisconsin is beautiful. As a child I was fascinated on how our state was scoured by the last series of ice age glaciers.

Milwaukee Public Museum- The kids especially liked the butterfly pavilion and the old world area.

Jurrustic Park in Marshfield

Wisconsin Cheese! I recommend the cheese Factory in Rudolph

Spreckers brand pop----(I never call it soda!) I recommend Rav'n Red or Ginger Ale

Rocky Rococo's Sausage and Mushroom Pizza

Funset Boulevard in Appleton---Games, movies, pizza, laser tag, carousel, tons of fun kids stuff

Fishing on the Wisconsin River

Deer Park in the Dells

Wisconsin Dells Jet Boat Ride--total blast!!!!

I love the heat of the summer and the snow in the winter. My favorite is autumn, there are festivals, pumpkin patches, hot apple cider
and beautiful vistas.
I'm excited as my kids when we get our first snowfall!

This isn't a photo of our first snowfall but pretty either way

Whatever the season...On Wisconsin!!!!!

History Of Wisconsin
State Symbols
Historical Society
Native American Indian Tribes of WI

Misc Fun Stuff
Milwaukee Public Museum
Experimental Aircraft Assoc. AirVenture
International Crane Foundation
Jet Boat Rides
Cave of the Mounds
Valley Ridge Art Studio

A bit of Kitschy Fun
Jurustic Park
F.A.S.T. (a fiberglass statue company...has a "graveyard" )
House on the Rock
Sputnikfest 2008 will be the first of hopefully many!
Freshwater Fishing Museum (climb inside a giant Muskee!)
Dickeyville Grotto
Mt Horeb Mustard Museum

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Photo experiments

I haven't had much time to experiment with photography lately,
but I did take a few pics.Snowy Branch-
shot Through The Viewfinder(TTV)



I tried shooting thru my binoculars. It's a bit tougher to get it just right. I used a sliced of toilet paper tube to space my digital camera the correct distance from the eyepiece.

Merry Christmas

taken on Dec 21

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Xmas Ornaments

This is what I made for my swapmate for the WIST ornament swap. It started as a vintage candle clip. I made a nest from shredded money and added a little red painted bird. The bird originally held a birthday candle, now it holds a sign.
I made for our tree a couple of these little elves. The head/hat is an old red xmas bulb. The body is bumpy chenille. The candy cane is from strand of old plastic candy garland. Kitschy fun!

Goodies in the mail

I bought this penguin ACEO from etsy.
It was sent in this great printed card and stickers.
Check out With Remote on Etsy.

I got an ornament, pendant, magnet,
and collage goodies from Andrea aka Zenith Jade.


I received these houses from Megan at That's Swell
as part of the WIST Ornament Swap--very cool!!!

Aren't they cute?