Thursday, December 28, 2006

Surviving Xmas

I wasn't sure if I would! I have felt sick for over a week now Yuck. So I've missed out on a bunch of festivities and yummy goodies. We went to visit family, then we came home and more family came to visit us. Lots of fun! The kids got to play with their cousins and
I got to see two of my brothers. Too bad though, one bro couldn't make it.
The craziness can be exhausting though. Now it is time to slow down. I am looking forward to working in my studio. I feel a bit energized by "vacation". Lots of good ideas are buzzing 'round my noggin!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

10 days til Xmas Day!!!

I do love Christmas! I'm sentimental this time of year. I love the old songs and Xmas movies, baking cookies and getting a tree. All of which we seem to be doing late this year! I finally got up the decorations and the tree is done. The kids had their Christmas program at school, very cute. I have most of my groceries for a whirlwind baking session and I am almost done with the Xmas cards.
I know it is a bit late to send out cards, but I'm doing it anyway. I made the cards this year in a series. All have a simple penguin and hat, though the backgrounds and hat colors vary.
We have no snow here and it really bugs me! I need snow at Xmas. Without it, it's not the same. WE have family from out of state visiting and I just want everything to be just right. Snow is part of that. Please SNOW!!!! Even just a bit. Now I say this...we'll get a blizzard and our family will be stuck in some airport!!!!! Good thoughts...just 3 or 4 inches. I'm optimistic, I even bought an extra sled for my nephew to use. SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!
I haven't been working on anything new in weeks. I'm taking a break til after the holidays. I'm letting ideas simmer for a while.

Merry Christmas!!!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006


I've made a few ornaments using old canceled Xmas stamps. They are the right size for these ornaments! And it is interesting how cheap it used to be to send a letter.

I've added more ornaments in my etsy shop. I have some others to add, but I'm just trying to get good photos of everything. I never realized how challenging that could be. I'm learning that to sell online, I need to spend a lot of time messing with photos and my computer.

The ebay charity auction started for the animal shelter A Place To Bark.
I hope for the animals sake it goes well.