Saturday, June 27, 2009


I just sent this out yesterday for a Recycled/No Spend Dotee doll swap. She is made from fused plastic bag "fabric". This nice blue is from a Best Buy and a Festival Foods bag. The lighter colored face is a white bag layered over a blue bag. She turned out larger than I planned but I like her.

The plastic "fabric" sews fine on the machine but it is difficult to hand sew. So, I did have some trouble hand stitching the face to the body. I used netting left from our wedding almost 17 yrs ago. The yarn pieces are from an old wool sweater I unravled and dyed with Kool Aid. The rest is just bits and pieces I had around.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Etsy Update

Please click on the right side to see the new things I listed on Etsy.

So is this a small apple or a huge strawberry?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Menagerie

Yes, we have another critter!

While Ethan and I were at Mom and Son Cubscout camp this weekend, Mike and Emma brought home a free kitten. She is so tiny and sweet. The problem...I'm very allergic to cats. So this cute little gal is an outside cat. We live in the middle of nowhere on 10 acres, so I guess it is OK. Hopefully she can be taught not to hurt the ducks????

So this is Tux, short for Teeny Tuxedo the 14th. She's out 14th critter!

Back from Camp

We (Ethan and I) just got back from a fun/intersting weekend at Mom and Son Scout Camp. It was nice to spend a whole weekend with him, but odd too. I missed having us all together.

400 moms with their Cubscout or Boyscout sons camping and doing activities together. We walked miles and miles. Hauling our stuff in, to all the activities and back, dining hall for every meal, and hauling everything out! I realize now that I didn't take very many photos...we were too busy.

We sang silly songs around a campfire and there was even a bugler who really needs more practice!

We did have fun though. We shot a BB guns, tie-dyed shirts, went out on Bear Paw Lake in a row boat, learned about camp cooking, made sand candles, watched a blacksmith (Ethan helped forge an S hook), handled many snakes, etc...

I am happy to back to a comfortable couch and tonight a soft bed!

We also had a surprise when Ethan and I returned...more on that later

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Work

I don't usually make too many large format pieces, small comes easier for me. I think this one turned out really well though. It is 16 x 20 inch on a wood box with a slightly dimensional bird and half eggs. The photo is dark I know, it was rainy the other day when I took the photos.
I cast the eggs in plaster, covered them in paper from a chemistry book and paint. Each egg is layered with stitched dyed used dryer sheets and more chemistry book pages.
So far this is untitled.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Snail Mail Goodness

Meet Berri, my new springtime dotee from Suzi. Isn't she sweet!

Just look at all this stuff! I can't wait to use the fabric! And a chicken timer *grins*

The wonderful yellow plush bird was my Pay It Forward goodie from Jenny here. She sent yummy chocolates (gone) and bird note paper (I already used a lot of it). See how nice her bird looks on my shelf! I never got any comments on this PIF post, but I'm trying again. Go to this post and comment if you want to join. I'll make you something!!!!!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dragon Arts in Deforest WI

6x6 inch on cut game board

8x10 inch on recycled container board

approx 9 x 12 inch on hardcover book

6x6 inch on a cut game board

I have been so so busy the last two weeks! The kids had a bunch of school field trips and other end of the year fun. I sold so much at Sturgeon Bay, I had to work like a mad woman to get ready for tomorrow! I have a bunch of new work showing for the first time Yay!

In addition to the art fair there is a car show, a plant sale, library book sale, and more! Fun for everyone! Stop by and say "Hi!" if you are in the area.