Friday, June 11, 2010

Camping with my Cub Scout

I'm off to a fun and probably cold and wet weekend camping with my little guy! A Mom and Son weekend is such a great idea. Emma and I spend time together at art fairs, so this is my time with Ethan. Weather report is iffy...hope we don't get washed away!

I'm just worried what Mike and Emma are going to do. Last year, we came home to a kitten. Cute yes, but I'm allergic to cats!

I haven't made anything artsy this whole week except for altering my tote bag. Just in time for this weekend. I got this canvas bag for a $1, but it had an ugly logo on it. I was going to applique and embroider it, but I was too busy so out came the paint!

man is it dark outside today!

Have a great weekend!!!!!!

Monday, June 07, 2010


Yesterday the kids and I spent the whole day in the van! all! We went to Eau Claire and Minneapolis and back to restock stores. I kept putting it off, so now I had to do it in one day with the kids. Emma and Ethan were OK and beside I bribed them with food *grins*
We stopped at one of their favorite restaurants, Dino's. MMMMM Greek food! There are worse ways to spend a rainy day.

Alright, I never got around to recapping this past weekend's art fair. Well, the Dragon Art Fair was a bust. The day began rain. A good start, warm and that is OK. There just wasn't too many shoppers. As the morning passed it got nice and sunny, but with that the heat. Still I don't have a problem as long as the heat doesn't keep people away. at one point it seemed to get busy but without buyers. Hmmm.

I do realize that there are a lot of people that go to art fairs to get out and look. I'm totally fine with that, but since I am trying to make a living it is nice to have the "just looking" mixed with the "I'm here to buy". The business end of art can be difficult. Sometimes I wonder if I should just chuck it for a guaranteed pay check. Not to put tons into a show, only to loose money. I guess that is the inherit risk is being self employed in any area. So I keep plugging away and realize that every show is an opportunity to learn something new.
I keep on keeping on....

As usual, I met some very nice people that I otherwise would have never met if I didn't take the risk and put myself out there. I talked to other artists and most of us are in the same boat....except maybe the people with the copper yard art. I always see customers carrying them around! In fact, I saw a pieces I'd like in my garden!
To be honest, I didn't have my first sale until 1pm and by 2pm it was thundering and raining. By about 2:15 the tornado warning siren went off (right next to us, very very loud) I'm very paranoid about tornadoes so you don't need to tell me twice! I started packing art into a tote along with my money.
Art fair staff and firefighters from next door told everyone there was a funnel cloud sighted in a nearby town and we need to evacuate to the basement of the public library. Emma and I took shelter until the all clear was given. Afterwards, everyone just packed up and left. I know some people had things damaged since they didn't have walls up on their tent. Since it didn't get too blustery all the tents stayed up.

Whew! to recap; low sales, nice people, tornado nearby, but no wind damage.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Dragon Art Fair

Off I go....

Dragon Art Fair
Deforest, WI
9am to 4pm today only!!!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Growth of a collage

and we're off...

meat tray stamp ~I love dots and circles

stamping with milk lid and foam circle

doesn't this look cool?

stencil and mask

almost done but not quite...

All Done!


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm baaack!

Ok, yes I left blogger and yes I now have a website----but I couldn't figure out to add comments to my blog in iWeb so-- I'm back and I'll try to be a better blogger!!!!!
In Sturgeon Bay this past weekend, I won my first ribbon, "Honorable Mention".
I feel like a prize pony! *grins* According to my mom "it's about time!" Isn't that what mom's are for?

It was abnormally hot --90's both days. Almost no wind to boot! As always, I met some very nice people. Since it was slow, I had time to talk to other artists. My neighbor Lala is so funny and my new creative friend, Joy, is very talented and very nice. I also got some info about self publishing and about licensing for the gift market from two other artists.

It may be summer break for my kids (almost-fri is their last day), but school is in session for me. I signed up for
Kelly Rae Roberts class on running a creative biz. That is the info I need. I sometimes wonder if I should have gotten a biz or marketing degree instead of in art. I figure I'd still be making art, but then I'd know what to do with it all! So far Kelly has shared a lot of good info and insight...and it is just the first week!

Some TTv pics I took in beautiful Sunset Park in Sturgeon Bay