Sunday, October 28, 2007


I've been busy...and my blog hasn't been a priority. Last week has had many ups and downs. My grandmother came to visit and we made plastic "fabric". She used it for a fab clutch purse. Check out the tutorial here. Very fun! Boy if she lived closer, we would get in tons of crafty trouble!

My hubby and I had our 15 yr wedding anniversary. We had a nice dinner at home. Sirloins, baked potato, cloverleaf rolls (homemade), salad, and turtle brownies. Yummy! The kids helped set the table up nice. They were on their best behavior. Nice evening, better than eating out.

My poor, poor Bluto, my little guy, my shih tzu is 12 and not in good shape. He has had many health problems. He only has days left, I know it. I try not to think about it, but instead...that is all I can think about!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

More photo experiments

A few more photos here

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Halloween ATC Swap and a growing disaster!

As you can see my studio is a bit of a disaster! I'd like to say that this was the exception, but alas no, my studio is always a MESS! I think I work better this way. At least until I cough or sneeze and then some small scrap of paper I needed goes flying into the abyss!

"What does this have to do with swaps?" you say...
I hosted my first swap ever. An ATC swap open to members of WIST (Wisconsin Street Team for Etsy). I didn't get a real big turn out, but that's OK. I tried to stay organized as each batch of ATCs came in. I had a box set aside for them and all was going perfect. Too bad I wasn't as organized with my own cards. I lost 2 of them (1 Cat and 1 Jack o' Lantern) just before the swap ended! I didn't have time to replace them. Oh well, I was going to give each swapper a card from me as a bonus, but I just didn't have time to replace the lost ATCs. Maybe next time.


Monday, October 08, 2007

How Cool is Michelle Ward?

Very cool!


"In Motion"

This past weekend I took a class with Michelle Ward. Firstly, she is a great teacher! Her enthusiasm and energy is infectious. This class was at Valley Ridge Art Studio (...again) and it was called "Backstage Pass"
We created a small 6x8 inch shadow box assemblage and kept a journal during the process. We sketched ideas, worked out problems and tried new techniques that are in the journal, but may not have ended up in the assemblage

a few of my process pages

Think of it as a design file. With clippings and paint swatches, a peek into the process. A great reference for further exploration of an idea or a technique....and fun too. My assemblage is not complete yet. I need to dig out the right sized gear to put under the left foot for balance. My journal doesn't have much writing. Mostly experiments with paint techniques and finishes. I liked the whole process and I will continue to use her suggestions. I forgot my camera, but hopefully Michelle will post some of the pics she took on her blog.