Sunday, January 28, 2007

Charms galore

I made a bunch of charms this week. I think they turned out well. I realized if I'm going to do art fairs this summer, I'll need to make hundreds of these. I will also need a lot more designs. I just get bored using the same images more than a few times.

I prefer circular shapes, so I finally ordered a lens cutter. I'm looking forward to making round charms, both for pendants and charm bracelets.

I'm not doing so well on my art daily challenge. I do work on something everyday, but I don't finish something daily. I have a stack of new sketches for collages, I haven't started any yet. I need to make more assemblages, but they don't always come easy for me. When the idea/ spark is there, I know exactly what to put where. Otherwise, I can't force it.
I sent off my pages for the latest chunky book swap I'm in. The theme this time was "In the Name of Love". Very fun!
The last one I did was "White" themed. I got my finished book last weekend. Beautiful. I have to post pics on Flickr. I have a nursery rhyme ATC swap coming up, then no more for a while!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

ATC pt 2

My Daughter wanted to make some too. Not bad Huh!

ATC pt 1

I'm working on a few ATCs...Just as I finished this one I sent it out! I have 6 others I need to scan. They are for a swap. I also have a few other charm designs. I'm adding them here and there to my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm In

I've been accepted to Craftstravaganza Art and Craft fair. It's at the end of April in Minneapolis. Yeah! I hope this will be a fun day. I'm excited. More later.

New Charms

I'm working on some new charms. Though these will not each be an original collage. Before I spent too much time on each one to sell for the price I marked them at. I will scan in each finished collage then print them out in a high quality copy. Then I will add a back design and text. These I will sell them individually with ribbon, chain, cord, etc...
I have so much fun working on them. Almost like ATC. Tiny little gems!

Friday, January 05, 2007

January Art

I really need to get moving and list more artwork on Etsy. This collage is 4x4 inches plus the ribbon hanger. I made four collages yesterday this size. I'm also working on some collage sheets that I will sell as pdf files. No shipping cost, easy to download and people can print it out anyway they want, cardstock, transparency, transfer paper, etc...

I have a few art pieces I made last year that I've never listed yet!

I'm still trying to decide how many fairs I want to do this year and which ones to apply for. So far, I want to do Craftstravaganza April in MN, Artapalooza again Sept in Iowa, and maybe one around Chicago in Dec. Other than that, there are tons here in WI all summer.

I will soon add a link to the side for my flickr site. I am trying to create a new piece everyday. A challenge. Some have turned out well, others so-so. But it is good to put aside the time for myself each day.