Sunday, January 28, 2007

Charms galore

I made a bunch of charms this week. I think they turned out well. I realized if I'm going to do art fairs this summer, I'll need to make hundreds of these. I will also need a lot more designs. I just get bored using the same images more than a few times.

I prefer circular shapes, so I finally ordered a lens cutter. I'm looking forward to making round charms, both for pendants and charm bracelets.

I'm not doing so well on my art daily challenge. I do work on something everyday, but I don't finish something daily. I have a stack of new sketches for collages, I haven't started any yet. I need to make more assemblages, but they don't always come easy for me. When the idea/ spark is there, I know exactly what to put where. Otherwise, I can't force it.
I sent off my pages for the latest chunky book swap I'm in. The theme this time was "In the Name of Love". Very fun!
The last one I did was "White" themed. I got my finished book last weekend. Beautiful. I have to post pics on Flickr. I have a nursery rhyme ATC swap coming up, then no more for a while!

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