Thursday, November 29, 2007

GPP Crusade #14

This month's theme was Imaginary Friends: Who or What is Your Muse?

I don't think I have a specific "muse". My inspiration comes from all around me. But here are a few: My kids, Vincent Van Gogh, the stars in the sky, birds in my yard, my garden, splashes of color on my paint palette, Somerset Studio magazine, but mostly that little voice inside that tells me I'm heading in the right direction.

In thinking about this theme I realized that unfortunately that other voice can be just as strong. So I have an imaginary friend and an imaginary fiend! One side says, "Wow! What a great are so creative!" the other says "Boy you suck, why bother?....give up"

Am I crazy....I hope not. Sometime one side wins, sometimes the other. I think it's all part of my personal equilibrium. I challenge myself to ignore, put aside, or defeat the negative. I try to nurture the positive. In my studio space, I surround myself with photos, sketches, my kids drawings, magazine clippings, etc...anything that fuels my creativity.

Friend or Fiend?
10x10 inch on canvas

This tree represents both the positive and the negative. The growth and development of my creativity and the fire that is ready to destroy. Both are mostly in balance, but I think creativity is winning, though I may answer different tomorrow *grins*
Underneath the layers of paint, pen, and pencil is a copy of a cabinet card. I was going to use the image to give my friend/fiend a face. It looked I painted over it completely, but it still is there, underneath it all.
After looking at this collage for the last few days, I started thinking of one of my daughters favorite mythical creatures... the Phoenix. What a great concept! Rebirth from the ashes. I guess it happens in my artwork. I put aside projects that aren't working, only to take them out much later and rework them. I realize that I may not have gotten to the final result without the past failure.

Boy I'm rambling!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

and onward

The scan is a bit dark, but this is a set of 1inch magnets that will
soon be listed in my shop...... only 4$.
Each is backed with a very strong rare-earth (neodymium) magnet.

I finally thought I was feeling better...finally over this "bug". Guess not! I still feel yucky.

Yesterday wore me out. We had our first and hopefully not the last WIST Trunk Show at Lazy Jane's Cafe in Madison, WI. It was only 5 til 9pm, almost like a gallery show. We had snacks and drinks, very fun. The whole day ended up being an adventure and I just got tuckered out. When we got home the kids just kicked off their shoes and climbed into bed. They held up pretty good though. I've spent today just reading a bit and photographing fun stuff to list on Etsy. Soon, I promise. I have tons of pictures and scans to adjust, crop , and organize!

To everyone who stopped by Lazy Jane's last night.....thanx it was great to meet you!
To my fellow WISTers who set up....I loved seeing everyone and we need to do it again!

good eve,

I forgot to take any photos at the show! duh!
*****someone else posted my booth picture on flicker. Thanx Jen!*****

Friday, November 16, 2007


My chest aches....Early this morning a local boy died in a house fire. Gage was 7 yrs old. We aren't close to the family, I've only talked to his mother a few times (on the sidelines or on the bus during a field trip). Emma is friends with one of Gage's older brothers and my son loved wrestling around with Gage during soccer practices. We weren't close but nevertheless... I hurt. Gage was a nice boy, I liked him. And now he's gone.

His parents and the 4th grade twins got out of the house safely. I can't begin to imagine how Gage's family feels. I just gave my kids extra hugs and've got to appreciate those you love every minute you have them.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holiday Fair in IA

I wanted to post a couple of my booth shots....even though they are bad. My booth was near the back of one of the rooms, but I liked my spot because it overlooked the kids area. I like being near the fun stuff!

I started getting sick Sunday (the day of the show) and I'm still trying to get over it! Ugh!

Friday, November 09, 2007

off to Iowa

I'm leaving to spend the weekend in Iowa. I'll be set up at the Holiday Fair at the Waterloo Center for the Arts. I've never been there, but sounds like a lot of fun!
Have a good weekend!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

A few new collages

Grow Strong

Grow Strong close up

Grow Strong close up

Four and Music

Good Samaritan

Bright Winter

sorrow for the lost Lenore

Ok this is late for the October Crusade but here it is anyway...

For Michelle Ward's October Street Team Crusade themed Get Gothic . I wanted to something the kids and I could work on together and to include my ongoing bird theme. "The Raven" by Poe was a natural. Interesting how the idea progressed. We ended up making a shire to "the lost Lenore". Not exactly scary, just sad. I especially like the touch of the dove "dressing up" as a raven. Dove~~~peace, love and happiness now twisted into the gentleman's tormentor as he goes insane. We included love letters, candles, graveyard dirt, dried flowers, jewelry, and her photo.
The box is the La Guardarropa Shrine from Coffee Break Designs, very cool and easy to adapt. I gotta get thinking on November's "Imaginary Friends" theme.

Some of the "parts" before