Sunday, November 18, 2007

and onward

The scan is a bit dark, but this is a set of 1inch magnets that will
soon be listed in my shop...... only 4$.
Each is backed with a very strong rare-earth (neodymium) magnet.

I finally thought I was feeling better...finally over this "bug". Guess not! I still feel yucky.

Yesterday wore me out. We had our first and hopefully not the last WIST Trunk Show at Lazy Jane's Cafe in Madison, WI. It was only 5 til 9pm, almost like a gallery show. We had snacks and drinks, very fun. The whole day ended up being an adventure and I just got tuckered out. When we got home the kids just kicked off their shoes and climbed into bed. They held up pretty good though. I've spent today just reading a bit and photographing fun stuff to list on Etsy. Soon, I promise. I have tons of pictures and scans to adjust, crop , and organize!

To everyone who stopped by Lazy Jane's last night.....thanx it was great to meet you!
To my fellow WISTers who set up....I loved seeing everyone and we need to do it again!

good eve,

I forgot to take any photos at the show! duh!
*****someone else posted my booth picture on flicker. Thanx Jen!*****


knitsteel said...

How was the traffic through the trunk show? I wish I could have come. I must have the same nasty bug. m on my third week of the cough.

MineFull said...

Hey Xanthe,
Our brief encounters are always a great time! I hope you're starting to feel better...I'm still working on my cold too.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Space Oddities said...

hey lady! it was great to see you again! my husband really liked your work and liked meeting you, too. yay!