Thursday, August 19, 2010

Swap- bot swap

I stopped joining swap-bot swaps last year after a few disappointing swaps. I decided to jump in again and I'm glad I did. I'm not yet finished with my partners puppy but I already received my goodies in the mail!

Two needle felted duckies. Sue did a really great job on Scooter and Fern, even Fern's head poof
! I had to give them a place of honor, right under my favorite painting and next to my favorite teddy.

Please visit this fabulous artist blog. Her art dolls are awesome! She said my duckies are her first time needle!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Green Lake Fine Art Fair

As you can see we weren't really busy.
It did pick up later but I still had a disappointing weekend.
Getting stung on the finger (my whole hand ended up swollen) didn't help! ugh!

What a beautiful day.

Emma really enjoyed spending the day by the water.


A couple mini mixed media houses I've been playing with.

This was my last scheduled sale of the year. Now I'm going to concentrate on
other venues and projects.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Drawing Lab -sketch your pet

Young Guinea Hens- Confucius and Pearl

I meant to post more about this book but I actually lost my copy along with my sketchbook! Ugh!

But I found the book and some of my remember that I am not very skilled at drawing. Beacuse of this I often avoid doing more that quick sketches. My sketches are just for me to remember an idea. This more though inspired me to draw more and ya know what? I am and the kids see me drawing and then they start drawing. Cool huh

This lab was to sketch your pet. Quick loose sketches, no erasers.
My drawings are pretty bad but the point is to keep drawing regardless and I'm bound to get better :-)

Parakeet- Echo

Dogs- Lucky and Penny

Guinea Pigs-Patch and Bandit

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Mama Dot *with edit

Mama Dot-I wonder how many feathers she plucked out to feather her nest???
Looks cozy

Our sweet duckie Dot has been sitting on a clutch of eggs. She's only been on them for 10 days out of 28 days total. Dot made her nest in an old dog house full of hay we have in the duck pen. So far so good.

Odd thing happened this morning, she wasn't the only one in the dog house. Another female duck was in there too. Rook got up and ran out with the other ducks. she left behind a small next of six eggs in front of Dot's nest. I have no idea where the six eggs came from
, they weren't there yesterday!

I checked back later and Dot was alone in the house and the eggs and Rooks nest were gone. The only thing I can figure out is that Dot loaned out some of her eggs for Rook to sit on and when Rook left, Dot took them back. Does that make sense????

This is Rook

I really don't understand duckie behavior. Either way, we should end up with a bunch of ducklings in a few weeks. it will be tough on the kids, but we'll have to sell off most of them.

*I caught a photo just this evening of Rook again on some eggs.
She stood up and hiss at me and I saw the eggs under her :-)

*If you look carefully at the above photo, you can see all the mosquitoes!
This is why we cannot go outside much this summer.

I know I haven't post anything artistic in awhile. I've been too busy or forgetful to take pics, but I will soon!