Saturday, August 07, 2010

Drawing Lab -sketch your pet

Young Guinea Hens- Confucius and Pearl

I meant to post more about this book but I actually lost my copy along with my sketchbook! Ugh!

But I found the book and some of my remember that I am not very skilled at drawing. Beacuse of this I often avoid doing more that quick sketches. My sketches are just for me to remember an idea. This more though inspired me to draw more and ya know what? I am and the kids see me drawing and then they start drawing. Cool huh

This lab was to sketch your pet. Quick loose sketches, no erasers.
My drawings are pretty bad but the point is to keep drawing regardless and I'm bound to get better :-)

Parakeet- Echo

Dogs- Lucky and Penny

Guinea Pigs-Patch and Bandit

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