Saturday, November 03, 2007

sorrow for the lost Lenore

Ok this is late for the October Crusade but here it is anyway...

For Michelle Ward's October Street Team Crusade themed Get Gothic . I wanted to something the kids and I could work on together and to include my ongoing bird theme. "The Raven" by Poe was a natural. Interesting how the idea progressed. We ended up making a shire to "the lost Lenore". Not exactly scary, just sad. I especially like the touch of the dove "dressing up" as a raven. Dove~~~peace, love and happiness now twisted into the gentleman's tormentor as he goes insane. We included love letters, candles, graveyard dirt, dried flowers, jewelry, and her photo.
The box is the La Guardarropa Shrine from Coffee Break Designs, very cool and easy to adapt. I gotta get thinking on November's "Imaginary Friends" theme.

Some of the "parts" before


michelle ward said...

Xanthe - so glad you shared this with us, regardless of the timing. I loved reading about the process, particularly how you pointed out (and gave us the evidence) of the dove turning into the raven. Very cool. And I also loved that you listed the contents or I never would have known you used GRAVE DIRT! You know that made me smile. Thanks for sharing your Goth project with the street team.

Do you suppose Lenore was an Imaginary Friend to Poe???

Barone said...

It is never late....I love to hear about the way artists include their children in the creative process...they are such muses! Look forward to your November entry.
jodi barone