Friday, January 05, 2007

January Art

I really need to get moving and list more artwork on Etsy. This collage is 4x4 inches plus the ribbon hanger. I made four collages yesterday this size. I'm also working on some collage sheets that I will sell as pdf files. No shipping cost, easy to download and people can print it out anyway they want, cardstock, transparency, transfer paper, etc...

I have a few art pieces I made last year that I've never listed yet!

I'm still trying to decide how many fairs I want to do this year and which ones to apply for. So far, I want to do Craftstravaganza April in MN, Artapalooza again Sept in Iowa, and maybe one around Chicago in Dec. Other than that, there are tons here in WI all summer.

I will soon add a link to the side for my flickr site. I am trying to create a new piece everyday. A challenge. Some have turned out well, others so-so. But it is good to put aside the time for myself each day.

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