Sunday, October 14, 2007

Halloween ATC Swap and a growing disaster!

As you can see my studio is a bit of a disaster! I'd like to say that this was the exception, but alas no, my studio is always a MESS! I think I work better this way. At least until I cough or sneeze and then some small scrap of paper I needed goes flying into the abyss!

"What does this have to do with swaps?" you say...
I hosted my first swap ever. An ATC swap open to members of WIST (Wisconsin Street Team for Etsy). I didn't get a real big turn out, but that's OK. I tried to stay organized as each batch of ATCs came in. I had a box set aside for them and all was going perfect. Too bad I wasn't as organized with my own cards. I lost 2 of them (1 Cat and 1 Jack o' Lantern) just before the swap ended! I didn't have time to replace them. Oh well, I was going to give each swapper a card from me as a bonus, but I just didn't have time to replace the lost ATCs. Maybe next time.



MineFull said...

I can totally relate to loosing things, the only thing that keeps my work space organized from time to time is that it's in my kitchen! But I have a closet to myself and it's always in disarray.

Your ATC's are super! You know as soon as you mail them out you'll find the missing two ;)

knitsteel said...

Yeah, you'll find those two right about Valentine's time.

Thanks for organizing the swap. I'm looking forward to receiving mine! You may have started an addiction. I even bought the plastic sleeve pages, you know, in case I develop enough for a binder full of them.