Monday, June 07, 2010


Yesterday the kids and I spent the whole day in the van! all! We went to Eau Claire and Minneapolis and back to restock stores. I kept putting it off, so now I had to do it in one day with the kids. Emma and Ethan were OK and beside I bribed them with food *grins*
We stopped at one of their favorite restaurants, Dino's. MMMMM Greek food! There are worse ways to spend a rainy day.

Alright, I never got around to recapping this past weekend's art fair. Well, the Dragon Art Fair was a bust. The day began rain. A good start, warm and that is OK. There just wasn't too many shoppers. As the morning passed it got nice and sunny, but with that the heat. Still I don't have a problem as long as the heat doesn't keep people away. at one point it seemed to get busy but without buyers. Hmmm.

I do realize that there are a lot of people that go to art fairs to get out and look. I'm totally fine with that, but since I am trying to make a living it is nice to have the "just looking" mixed with the "I'm here to buy". The business end of art can be difficult. Sometimes I wonder if I should just chuck it for a guaranteed pay check. Not to put tons into a show, only to loose money. I guess that is the inherit risk is being self employed in any area. So I keep plugging away and realize that every show is an opportunity to learn something new.
I keep on keeping on....

As usual, I met some very nice people that I otherwise would have never met if I didn't take the risk and put myself out there. I talked to other artists and most of us are in the same boat....except maybe the people with the copper yard art. I always see customers carrying them around! In fact, I saw a pieces I'd like in my garden!
To be honest, I didn't have my first sale until 1pm and by 2pm it was thundering and raining. By about 2:15 the tornado warning siren went off (right next to us, very very loud) I'm very paranoid about tornadoes so you don't need to tell me twice! I started packing art into a tote along with my money.
Art fair staff and firefighters from next door told everyone there was a funnel cloud sighted in a nearby town and we need to evacuate to the basement of the public library. Emma and I took shelter until the all clear was given. Afterwards, everyone just packed up and left. I know some people had things damaged since they didn't have walls up on their tent. Since it didn't get too blustery all the tents stayed up.

Whew! to recap; low sales, nice people, tornado nearby, but no wind damage.


Subcobydesign said...

Hi Xanthe-

I am just stopping by from Kelly Raae's class. I always enjoy looking at how people set up their trade show/art fair booths and I was very drawn to yours that you shared in this post. Your work is beautiful and you really found a way to make every little piece shine through the simplicity of your booth. Nice!

Thanks for sharing!
Jessica Jane

Denise Daffara said...

far out! that is a bit much isn't it... a tornado warning... I really feel for you.

I do hope you have some much better results in the near future...

Your designs are very sweet.

love Denise x

michelle allen said...

your work is so fun! love your pencil pendants especially!!! thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know about yours :)