Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm baaack!

Ok, yes I left blogger and yes I now have a website----but I couldn't figure out to add comments to my blog in iWeb so-- I'm back and I'll try to be a better blogger!!!!!
In Sturgeon Bay this past weekend, I won my first ribbon, "Honorable Mention".
I feel like a prize pony! *grins* According to my mom "it's about time!" Isn't that what mom's are for?

It was abnormally hot --90's both days. Almost no wind to boot! As always, I met some very nice people. Since it was slow, I had time to talk to other artists. My neighbor Lala is so funny and my new creative friend, Joy, is very talented and very nice. I also got some info about self publishing and about licensing for the gift market from two other artists.

It may be summer break for my kids (almost-fri is their last day), but school is in session for me. I signed up for
Kelly Rae Roberts class on running a creative biz. That is the info I need. I sometimes wonder if I should have gotten a biz or marketing degree instead of in art. I figure I'd still be making art, but then I'd know what to do with it all! So far Kelly has shared a lot of good info and insight...and it is just the first week!

Some TTv pics I took in beautiful Sunset Park in Sturgeon Bay

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