Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back from Camp

We (Ethan and I) just got back from a fun/intersting weekend at Mom and Son Scout Camp. It was nice to spend a whole weekend with him, but odd too. I missed having us all together.

400 moms with their Cubscout or Boyscout sons camping and doing activities together. We walked miles and miles. Hauling our stuff in, to all the activities and back, dining hall for every meal, and hauling everything out! I realize now that I didn't take very many photos...we were too busy.

We sang silly songs around a campfire and there was even a bugler who really needs more practice!

We did have fun though. We shot a BB guns, tie-dyed shirts, went out on Bear Paw Lake in a row boat, learned about camp cooking, made sand candles, watched a blacksmith (Ethan helped forge an S hook), handled many snakes, etc...

I am happy to back to a comfortable couch and tonight a soft bed!

We also had a surprise when Ethan and I returned...more on that later

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