Saturday, February 16, 2008

Playing catch up

My little monster made Valentine monsters for school cute!

And also the Valentine Postcards I sent out a few days ago for a flickr swap. I had so much fun making them! I love the cardboard and cheese cloth combo. I got the idea from a Katie Kendrick article. She made a book using recycled cardboard and cheesecloth. I love cardboard...hhmmm cheescloth too. Great idea!
I sent these out just before the deadline. I put each postcard in a clear envelope and took them to the Post Office counter. I was happily surprised to find out I could mail them for 41cents each. Well the next day there was a note in my mail box from the Postmaster. She was wrong I needed to add extra postage. Hopefully they weren't delayed too long.

Soon I'll post photos of the cute postcards I've received so far!

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iHanna said...

hi Xanthe!
when I read your comment in my blog today I had your card sitting here next to me to see if I could find you online and send a thank you note! it only got here this week and I think it is lovely! I love that the heart-text is about romance too, it's all in the details! :-)

Read Kendricks article too, you did a great job! Thanks again!