Thursday, April 03, 2008

Busy as a mole

April has arrived and most of the snow in our yard is gone. 

We discovered that the moles have had a party this late winter. Snow melts and the dirt clumps appear! All over the yard are mole tunnels and dirt mounds. The mice were busy too! Cute little mouse nest.

grassy mouse nest

Finally I spotted a robin hopping around yesterday. I love robins. During the summer, when I'm busy weeding in the garden, picnicking with the kids, or just sitting and reading a book, there always seems be a robin hopping around  nearby. I love the peep-peeping.  As a family, we keep an eye on the nearby Nest full of gorgeous blue eggs. We name each of the hatchling, have a funeral and burial when we find one dead. Poor birdies...I even made a shrine to honor the little guys. For all the little hatchlings.

Bird shrine ---outside (the top is a mini gazing ball and a broken vintage Fiestaware saucer)

The shrine swivels open on pins 

bird shrine ---inside (with broken egg, shredded money nest, and LED votive)


knitsteel said...

The moles and other critters have left all sorts of evidence under the snow- long paths and lots of dirt hills.

Rapchik Items said...

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eydie said...

awww, cute and sad. Who would have thought to have a memorial plate for all the little birdies? I look forward to more pics of your yard-work....:)