Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Handmade Xmas Goodies and Happy New Year!

I made a bunch of gifts this year. First of all the kids, Mike, and I agreed to each make gifts for the others. That got me thinking of other gifts I could make.

I made these mittens for my mom from an old wool blend sweater lined with polar fleece. I saw ones I liked online, but I didn't see any free patterns. It took about 6 tries to get the pattern and process just right. But I finally got it. In the end, I had so much fun. I couldn't stop. I made a pair each for the ladies at the library, and for each of the kids homeroom teachers. I just forgot to take pics of the others!   :-)
I made this fabric tote for Ethan for, you guessed it, his army men. This was tough! It is ripstop nylon outside with black cotton inside. I used Peltex to keep it stiff enough to stand. OK not a WOW gift but he likes it...and it is filled already!

I made this sketching /art tote for my niece Lizzy. I should have made it a bit taller, it just clears the sketchbook. This is also the brand sketchbook I use. I fill a few a year.
I made Emma a cage cover for her budgie cage. She didn't have a bird yet, but we wanted to be ready. I had grand plans for applique on the felt. I was going to make it into a house, with windows, front door, flower boxes etc... I decided to make it plain felt. Emma is good at sewing little felt softies so I thought she'd like to embellish it herself. We have a stack of felt in tons of colors and coordinating floss. Emma loves the idea of finishing it herself. I did the hard part *grins* 

You can just see in the lower background a  framed card from the
 Etsy seller Smack of Jellyfish. Great animal illustrations, I own 4 of them.  
I can't remember the artist who did the parrot card on the top. Emma has a small collection of framed artist cards. An affordable way for her to add art to her room.

I don't have a photo, but I made for Mike two photo frames made from CD jewel cases. I've seen tons of cool desk calendars sold this way, but I mounted a selection of photos on coordinating paper so he can change them out. The clever bit was my addition of super strong  rare earth magnets to the back. So the frames can sit on his desk or stick to the edge of his cubicle walls. (Yes he has a cubicle...poor guy)

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