Friday, October 23, 2009

Evil Eggs -venting

Why are eggs out to get me?

At least this is how I feel. In August I kept getting really sick, GI problems. After some work and a food log, I figured out eating eggs was the problem. For some reason, after 38 years, I'm intolerant to eggs.

Not just that, today I finally got in to see an allergist, only to have a reaction to the scratch test for egg protein. They drew blood for further tests, but it seems I have a full blown egg allergy! The doc was concerned enough that I now have to carry an Epi-pen! Now the blood test can come back saying the Epi-pen is not needed. Either way I can not eat anything with eggs.

I know things could be worse, things can always be worse! I'm in the self pity stage right now, dwelling on all the things I can't eat. ahmm chocolate chip cookies w/out egg? Pumpkin pie w/out egg? Banana muffins w/out egg???

Maybe I'll lose weight avoiding all those treats?

I'm just feeling a bit sad right now because of it...and my arm still really itches from all the tests! ugh! I hate limitations. I'm off to Google "vegan chocolate chip cookie recipes"

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