Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting Ready for Halloween

rows and rows of Wisconsin corn

Halloween is almost here! Yay!

We did a bit of decorating but not too much. I never seem to have the time. We went through a corn maze the other weekend, which was terrific. Believe it or not, I've never been in one. It was so much fun, Mike and I went back the other night for the Haunted Maze walk. An interesting way to spend our 18 year anniversary, but it works for us. *grins*

Right now is crunch time for costumes. Ethan needs his ready for school Wednesday and I'd like to dress up when I volunteer. Emma doesn't need hers until Sunday.
Ethan's costume is pretty easy, a scientist. Kind of a Dr Doofenshmirtz from Disney's Phineas and Ferb mixed with the generic view of scientist...ya know white lab coat, black gloves, goggles, etc...

Emma wanted to be a witch again, but in an updated urban style. We're working on a black t-shirt with strips of torn fabrics sewn to make a skirt, over leggings, funky socks and boots. Right now I'm pulling out misc. fabric scraps. Kids don't have school Thursday and Friday, so maybe she can help me sew it all "just right".

My costume is Steampunk inspired. I'm not dressing as anyone specific just the look. Something about Steampunk fascinates me. Partly because it is so varied and eclectic. It can be almost anything! Steampunk can be interpreted as straight Victorian England, British colonies abroad, US east coast, US wild west, Asian, goth, pirate rogue, or something completely fictional.

Looking online can be overwhelming, so much Steampunk eye candy! I was thinking of a "what if Katherine Hepburn was a forward looking Steampunk gal in Victorian times?" Corsets are cool and fun but not really my thing.

I don't want anything to flashy and skimpy, in Wisconsin Halloween can be cold! So I'm thinking of going more safari, adventuring, Tomb Raider type Steampunk.

The spats are awesome but look at these boots!

I want to wear pants but I like the idea of a bustle type skirt over them.

This collar is just beautiful and nice and warm.

Perfect belt to hold my "gear" LOL

This Steampunk Princess Leia is pretty fun if I wanted to go sexy...too bad I'm not that thin anymore! OK I was never actual THAT thin ;-)

I think I'm having more fun searching the web than I will wearing the costume. how in the world will I describe it to rural Wisconsin masses??? Most people I know would know what Steampunk is.

So far for my costume I have a white shirt with a ruffled collar and cuffs I got today at a local thrift store. I also found a brown vest and pinstripe pants. I really wanted to sew a waistcoat out of this great burgundy vintage fabric I have, but I'm running out of time! I have a pair of lace up granny boots but I also found a fab pair of brown Dr Martens for 5$! They fit perfect and I love them!

Maybe the Dr Martens with spats???? Maybe I can make spats from the burgundy fabric? Emma has a pocket watch on a chain with a steam engine on it. It is perfect and honestly, I have no idea where she got it??? I also have a great brown corduroy hat that a friend made me. Her shop on etsy is here. And you can see a similar hat. I'm still thinking and planning...besides isn't this the best part of Halloween, the planning?

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