Sunday, March 25, 2007

Etsy Charm Swap

All the charms I received in the mail are below. I listed every one's shop name and links.
Our swap hostess...Glazed and Confuzed
A sterling bracelet and a cute glass ladybug.

Creative Muse
This is a feast for the senses! Ok don't eat it, but the rest.
Colorfully dyed silk ribbon made into a fuschia blossom and .........filled with lavender!
I love this charm and it says a lot b-cuz I don't like PINK!

Fallen Angel Jewelry
Very cute little guy, gecko???? My daughter loves this one.

Luna 2005
Beautiful pale turquoise blue and aluminum charm with bead dangly

No Duplicates
Lives up to her name.....
Paper and glass beads with a brass found object. (maybe from an old clock???)

Mamacita Beadworks
Pewter, I love earthy. Architectural feel, good contrast to the other charms.

Blueberry Jewellery
Very cute and fav colors!

Holly's Rainbow
This charm is made from saltdough. So it is light, and has an earth quality.
This is my name in ancient Ogham alphabet...cooooool.
My kids both love this one.

These are polymer clay that look like stone, small and dangly
OK I thought I'd put my two worst pics together!!!! sorry guys :-(

This is a terrific lightweight polymer heart with an embossed design.

This is a wonderful burgandy polymer clay charm w/ an "X" in braille
My photo wasn't that great.

Elena Mary
A nice heavy charm...with a hemitite sun. I'll put this one in the center of my bracelet.

Squirrel Girl 68
Beautiful amber colored beads!!!

This yummy greean and coppery polymer clay chrms looks great with the one above.

Chickadee Social Club
Two fer one! Yeah!

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