Friday, September 07, 2007

First Week of School

Well it's official, both my kiddies are in school. First week is almost done. I miss having them around. My girl is getting so big! Fourth grade...WoW! The first month is always tough, review time. She usually doesn't need any review, so she sits bored! Hopefully 4th will be different. She needs to be challenged. She's 9 and for the last year has been teaching herself to read some Egyptian hieroglyphs and shes a wiz at ancient Egyptian mythology. I know she'll be OK, but still...

My little guy had his first day of Kindergarten. I thought I'd be bawling as I left the school. I didn't. I think it was because we're so used to the school, preschool was in the same building last year. This seemed no different. My hubby has the week off, so I wasn't alone. Family was coming that night, so I went right to work finishing a few things in my studio.

It was odd though, around 11:30 am I stopped, came upstairs and just wandered around for a few minutes. Not sure why, until I realized..... that is what time the bus would drop off my little guy after preschool! All afternoon my anxiety grew, something wasn't right. I ended up going to the school early to wait for the bell. I just needed to know his day went well. He ran out into the hallway and jumped into my arms smiling! I had nothing to worry about. The next few days I've been distracted by visiting relatives. Next week is the real test, when I will be alone all day!

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