Monday, January 28, 2008

My sweet Christmas Gift

Why am I talking about a Christmas gift now? I was just too lazy before, but I really wanted to share this one. My Hubby often makes me gifts. Two of my past favorites include a little carved charm and a hammer cozy. In college Ibought a nice planishing hammer. I was afraid the surface would be marred, so he made a cozy with a leather cup on either end and elastic in the middle. It was perfect! This year he and the kids made me a game. I love board games!

It is so nice, especially since they worked on it together. It is a maze or labyrinth type. Each turn you decide to move your pawn or set up a blocking wall. The wood was milled over 50 years ago when my Grandparents were remodeling their house. The kids helped drill the holes and they picked out the pawns (marbles). Emma had sewn the bag for the pieces. This is a keeper!


knitsteel said...

What a thoughtful and creative gift!

MineFull said...

how sweet!

eydie said...

this reminds me of the pencil and paper game we played with the kids and as kids, where you took turns putting up a wall and when you closed in a box you put your initial, until all were filled and the winner with the most completed. This would be fun to have. Good job!