Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My new booth

I'm finally blogging about my weekend in Door County. Believe it or not, we fit all my artwork, tent, display, and the family in my van. Wow! 

Saturday was beautiful. My new tent and booth display worked very well. I thought it looked really nice. My next sale I will add one more row of artwork below what is shown. Or maybe not, too cluttered looking????

The weather cooperated but I think the economy has really affected my sales! At least I hope it is the economy and not my art *wry grins* Lots of people were walking around, but not many were buying...from anyone. I think a few artists, who were selling smaller dollar items, did well. I sold a bunch of little things, but not much else. So financially the weekend was a bust. Though I met lots of nice people and I will go back next year. I highly recommend the Sturgeon Bay Fine Art Fair for other artists. It is advertised very well, well organized, and they take good care of us artists. 

This time Mike and the kids came with me. They had a lot of fun! There are tons of things to do up there. They went to The Farm and held and fed baby animals. Then on to Cave Point County park and climbed around on the rocks. They fished, but didn't catch anything. They spent most of their time Sunday at Sunset Park, where I was set up. They climbed on the rocks, played with drift wood, hunted for sea glass, shells, and crab claws. 

Sunday morning it started raining. I was so glad I bought the universal wall for my tent. I can roll up the center 4 feet. 
This photo was taken just before I rolled the wall back up. When it was raining, my door worked perfect! The day stayed cool and very windy but still not too bad. All in all a nice weekend I just wish I sold more :-(     


Creative One said...

Hi Xanthe,
Your tent booth looks great. Nice works!

eydie said...

I did the show in Jacksonport the same weekend. The sales were waaaaaaay down for me. I am considering not doing it next year. I do much better in the Northwoods, so I am considering Eagle River---although I heard this year they got pelted by golf size hail. Ohmy! I did not think as many people were out, and it seems to be true since then for other shows, too. I hope I meet you on the circuit here in Wisconsin. I love your work!!!