Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Peek at the Process

I made this a while ago but wanted to show you a bit of before, during, and after.

This design was going to be (and still might) an 8x 10 collage on a box. I had this wood frame I had previously covered in paper, so I just adapted the design.

A bit of paint here and there

Everything glued down

Look at my messy floor! This was made upstairs at my dining table. After a full day of art, 
I had a mess to clean up before dinner.

All done!   Sold at Craftstravaganza too...very cool!


Renee said...

Awesome! Thanks for letting us have a "peek".

Just wondering, is it newspaper that you use for the tree? What kind of glue do you use?

Everything you do is so well put together and professional. Anytime I try collage it ends up all messy looking.

Love your work!


Xanthe said...

Thanx Renee!

The tree has a page from an old chemistry book. Ya know I failed chemistry!

Adhesive is always a tough choice for me. I use various types, for example: Elmers Glue, UHU GLuestick, Mod Podge, and Goldens Soft Gel Medium. This mirror I think I used Golden' can see a bit of the lid in the photo *grins*

Creative One said...

Another awsome piece you made Xanthe! Always an inspiration to see what you are up to! I love your art that hangs in my studio.