Saturday, February 07, 2009

coffee table crafting

all it needs is a ribbon hanger

Sunny winter day and me working in the basement. No way! On nice days I take over the dining table or the coffee table. These photos are actually almost 2 weeks old. Today it feels like spring...46 degrees!!!! WOW!

Ethan is still sick! Day four of stuffy nose, sore throat, slight fever, and day two of hives. Not fun!


Creative One said...

Xanthe,'re art process is interesting! How do you do this, and so well! Sorry the kids are sick. That is a bummer. The warm weather made me go out and I loved it!
Keep on making your beautiful artworks!

Kathie Korth said...

Fascinating to see the process. I love your work!
Remember me? I met you at art fairs this past summer, along with my husband (Sturgeon Bay) and my daughter and granddaughter (South Milwaukee) - I'm a friend of Julie's.