Monday, February 23, 2009

Yay Mac!

MacGyver is the man! Remember that show? Last night we ended up watching a few episodes on Sleuth network or whatever that channel is called. I like the show still, cheesy fight scenes and excessive use of stock footage and all. With his trusty knife, a paper clip, and duct tape, he can battle any bad guy. I think my fondness for the show is what lured me to Stargate SG1. More Richard Dean Anderson. Even the frequent Simpsons jokes about our gunless hero. Oh and a Mythbusters episode. So timeless....Gotta love the Mac.

Ok so I can't post anything new and I've made a lot. At the moment I can't find my camera cord to download photos. My mom is going to say "You lost it again!" It has to be around the house somewhere!
Wonderful artwork coming soon.

I found this cartoon here

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