Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Last weekend

The Fine Arts Building is such a nice venue! And look at all the shoppers!!!
Thank-you to everyone who came out to support handmade!!!

I finally had a chance to post about last weekend. St Paul Craftstravaganza was so much fun...again. Weather was nice, though the building stayed a bit chilly. Sales better than last year...I made my goal plus. Oh and I did buy a bunch of stuff!
My booth

i like you Booth

From Nora at Bodylish I had to buy this soap! It smells like cinnamon redhots. Yummy!
I got a super cute bib from Lisa at Sheppard Girls. No, I'm not having a baby, but my Brother's wife is :-) YAY! For the baby, I also got a cute stuffed rattle and monster doll from All My Own.
Emma picked out 2 Fuzzbutts (cute name huh!) from Christina Ward. They look like mutant guinea pigs! And she got armwarmers from i like you.
Fuzzbutts on the loose!