Monday, May 11, 2009

Surplus Finds

Just look at these very cool boxes of goodies I found at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point surplus sale! The sales are held on Friday afternoons about twice a month. Parking can be tough unless you get there early. The staff are very nice and helpful.
I rarely leave empty handed. Usually I find cool, fun, and cheap stuff.

In the past I have found; large wall maps, wooden tripod base for surveying equipment, desk chairs, bookshelves, storage boxes, a rolling metal typing stand, old lab equipment, many many books, boxes of sheet music, and reels of old educational films.
All very reasonably priced (OK super cheap!)

I got a big bag of green army men for Ethan...who knows where they are now! He goes through so many of them...they are everywhere!
Also there were two sets of dinosaur counters made for classroom use. They were in perfect condition so I gave them to the kids school.

Now the big question, what to do with'em all!

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