Monday, January 10, 2011

A Challenge to Build a Creative Life

Walk on my Friend -detail

Walk on my Friend
mixed media painting on wood 5x5 inches

Being creative is easy for me, It is almost a need. I have to work on creative projects on a daily basis. Not to say that everything is a success and everything I make is "ART" but each has a purpose. An outlet.

The challenge for me is turning this need to create into a livelihood. What a great dream! I've been working on this dream for a few years....working hard but not always working smart. So my goal now is to find a way to work smart!

No pressure, huh!

To start with, I'm trying to expand my time in the studio working on art and not just fun craft projects. My outlet for craft is helping Emma with her teen craft club.

Spending time in the studio is a pain for me in the winter because my home studio is in the cold, dark, basement. No amount of lighting hides that fact. I just surround myself with my supplies, my iPod, and a space heater!

Another goal is to yet again, try to blog more. I'll take advantage of my iPod touch.

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