Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New work and first art sale of the year

This past weekend in Janesville, WI, I had my first art sale of the year. I don't usually do any in January, but Emma talked me into it. The sale was called Arftic Art for Animals. It was a fundraiser for the animal rescue group Friends of Noah. I am really glad I went. The show organized well and even though it wasn't really busy, I have high hopes for future years.
I know it is hard to get the word out the first year.
There were enough people to keep me busy during
the morning, but then it got really really slow.
I think everyone went grocery shopping to get ready
for the big game the next day. I sold enough to go back
next year and besides...I like to support a good cause.
I really didn't take any good photos there, but here are a few I took before I left.

One of the only sale pics...I think my spinner rack cards turned out well

6x6 inch frame with mixed media heart

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Anonymous said...

Your pieces are awesome! It was great to meet you :) I had a good time chatting with you!