Sunday, January 01, 2012

I Love Pinterest!

Now that is a post title I've seen a ton of. What is the big deal? I didn't get it until I tried it! Pinterest makes it so easy to keep track of any image that strikes my fancy. When used correctly, it will keep the link back to the original website for reference. It is perfect for visual people like me. Next Halloween the kids and I want to host a haunted woods walk. I am using Pinterest and my Firefox bookmarks to keep track of tutorials, DIY projects, and products we are interested in. Easy Peasy!

A few screenshots of my Pinterest boards:

Decorating board

Garden Board

Crafts Board
I just wish you could choose whether your pins were public or not. Do I really want everyone who stumbles by my boards to see what odd stuff I may pin? No, so I am censoring myself because it is the internet and I am not always in a sharing mood. I guess that is what bugs me about social networking and how people are using it. Not everything needs to be shared. I've made missteps and blunders just like anyone else, but whatever you put online is permanent. Gotta keep that in mind folks ;-)

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