Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's Finally Here!!!!!!!

Dream Big Star Baby
I used a baby photo of Emma in the center of the star, so she's famous!

I received my copy today of May/June Somerset Studio magazine. My artwork is in it! I never tried to be published until last year. I sent one collage in for their "10" issue and later a few more for the "Blue" issue. They didn't print my first submission, but they liked it and still have it. I was so excited to find out they wanted two of my pieces for the "Blue" theme. Somerset Studio has a couple more of mine, so who knows?

I'm thinking of sending a few more in for different issues and other publications. I'm very excited about this, but being published isn't a huge goal of mine. But it is an esteem boost!

Why is this woman smiling?
Because she's in Somerset Studio magazine!

I'll put on photos of the other art piece tomorrow. And I'll let you know how the career talk at school went. :-)

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