Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sneak Peak

Just a couple of new pieces!

The internet is an odd thing. I can't imagine not having the web, blogs, and email. But does it bring us closer together? I think yes, but with qualifiers. How many people spend hours in front of a computer screen instead of going out into the "real" world? I love to go online, but sometimes it is just too much. It is too easy for me to get sucked in. Reading my email leads to a website, leads to a blog, etc and etc. It's like laying in bed at night, with your mind racing. One thought leads to another, until it is a mystery how you got where you ended up.

I was thinking about this tonight. I recently was contacted, because of the internet, by two friends from a while back. I may not have heard from them if it wasn't for cyberspace or whatever it is called these days. And I'm glad. I have moved so often in my life and I have never been very good at keeping in touch.

I think of others I have "met" online. I would love to really meet these other artists sometime. Maybe I'll get used to the new world. The world in which you may never actually shake a friend's hand or ever hear their voice. Not sure though.

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cdabs said...

Yep....just another step in the world of technology...and if you think about it, contact is contact...whether it's shaking hands, or getting a phone call, sending an email...or whatever other cyberspace route is available. I mean, where would we be without the convenience of cell-phones? Land-lines? You're right that we need to get out and smell the's all about balance.