Thursday, June 21, 2007

Back Home

We got back finally early Tuesday morning. Long drive but mostly uneventful.
I'm behind on posting re NC.

Last week we went to Asheville for the day. D'Arsi from Mamacita Beadworks is an Asheville local and gave me some suggestions on where to go. Thanx!!!
We stopped first at the Southern Highlands Craft Guild Folk Art Center. Nice gift shop and gallery space.

Next a short drive to Woolworth W
alk, an old Woolworth Store turned into a gallery. Also, it has an retro lunch counter. I recommend the BLT, but my Grma liked her curried chicken salad sandwich. My fav artists were; Rebecca Tolk, Sarah Faulkner, Laura Kauffman, and Sharon Bailey. There were tons of other great pieces from artists but, I just don't remember their names.

Then we walked around downtown. The Ariel Gallery was great. Works from one of my favs Daniel Essig were all over. It is a coop gallery, so the artists also work there part time. Too bad Mr. Essig wasn't there when I stopped by. I would have loved to meet him and tell him how inspiring his fantastic books are! The jewelry I saw from Nancy Fleming was beautiful.
I wish I had some real money to spend. I was so inspired by the variety and quality of the artwork!

I never get sick of the mountains! The whole day in Asheville was perfect. I highly recommend it and I'm looking forward to going back. Also driving in and parking was easy, a big plus for an out-of-towner!

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