Wednesday, June 13, 2007

On Vacation

I'm on vacation with the kids in North Carolina. We're enjoying the mountains immensely. This is the view from G/G's front porch. We spent so much time out there just looking. At home the area we live in is known as "the central sands", very flat! can't even go to the store without twisting and turning down the mountain and watching out for hound dogs just laying in the road. I know I make the locals mad, I drive way to slow for them, but I don't care. The roads can be fun but treacherous. At least to a Midwesterner like myself.

So far I've been to a few thrift shops and 2 flea markets. Not the bonanza I'd hope for, but not a waste of time either. I still haven't found any elementary school math books! I have a few more days here though.

The kids are having fun since my G/G have a pool. They spend every minute possible in the water! We also took a day trip to Chattanooga to the TN Aquarium. The second time we've been there. It is very nice, I especially love the penguins.
Tomorrow (today now I guess), we're headed to Asheville. I've never been there and I know I can't see everything in one day. I have some suggestions from a local resident, D'Arsie from Mamacita Beadworks.

I'm not getting too much work done.....I'll post pics when I do.


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