Wednesday, August 01, 2007

GPP Street Team Crusade #10

I made over a dozen pieces of mail art this month...and forgot to scan or photograph any of it! Duh!
One friend who received an envelope of mine post a pic on her flickr Here

This one I haven't mailed yet. The recipient likes a country style
so here is "Ginger" the chicken.

This just needs to be addressed!

This is the before I folded it.

A large USPS tyvek envelope than I recieved. I cut it down.


michelle ward said...

xanthe - thanks for joining in! can't see any of your images at this moment....will come back later. glad you made it in on time :)

michelle ward said...

yeah! i can see the top two now. these are a day-brightener. you are spreading some love with this fun offering. loved seeing the other envelope on the link too!

Steff said...

That little chicken is SO cute!!! I love it.