Saturday, August 25, 2007

Light bulb shrines deMeng style

Friday I finally took my class at Valley Ridge! I had so much fun, but it was a long day. I had to leave the house by 6am to get to Muscoda by 9am. A bit foggy and dreary, but no problem. Michael deMeng is such a nice and friendly guy and a really good teacher! He explains everything well, answers endless questions, and is actually pretty funny. He shared some of his "secrets", which you have to take his class if you want to know!

I was determined to branch out and make a shrine very unlike my normal artwork. This is my showgirl or "Rockette" I started with a faucet knob that reminded me of a 50's scifi rocket. Made this fiery lady do ya like the red marabou feather! I was thinking Las Vegas showgirl, then someone else said "like the Rockettes". Duh why didn't I think of that...rocket/ Rockette. Sometimes I can be dense :-D

Close up view----damn reflections!

Critique time!-also see how I added vintage upholstery tacks
around the base (stagelights)

This is one of Michael's he brought as an example. Terrific, but damn
that light reflection!

The drive home was long, but uneventful.
I forgot to take a photo from the studio. It was cloudy and rainy most of the day. But I had a nice sunny drive home. Dinner was a Butter Burger from Culver's, Yummy! The one in Sauk City is the original Culver's, cool. I had to try their sour apple lemon ice. I love sour apple flavor and this was the most sour I ever had! More than Altoids apple sours (or apple gum). It was terrific!

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knitsteel said...

What a cool class. I would have enjoyed that.