Monday, June 30, 2008

Cedarburg Strawberry Festival Wrap-up

This grey blob I circles is a tablecloth from an artists booth that flew into the tree the day before! 
And below it are empty spaces where booths used to be. Look how high up it is!!!

I survived the weekend!!!

Too much adventure and drama for me though! The damage to the other artists booths became even more apparent on day two. The parking lot I was set up in was dotted with empty spaces and a few artists set up with no tents. It rained on and off all day, so the tentless artists spent the day covering and uncovering their artwork. It was quite sad.

I made this collage for Julie

I enjoyed spending the weekend with dear Julie and meeting her nice family was great. Despite scary weather and poor sales, I had fun. I met a lot of very nice people. Meeting people is one of the reason's I wanted to sell at art fairs and not just online. One of my collages is going to be in a newlyweds first home. My artwork is now part of their life together. I love that!

This now belongs to lovely Emily and her new husband :-)

Julie just emailed this link to me about an art fair in Illinois


Creative One said...

Oh, yeah,
What a weekend!!! We are changed after that experience!!!

MineFull said...

Wowzers, (a testimonial for your tent though!)

Mosaic Bits said...

I've been patching since we got home...two of those empty soaces were mine....could have been worse! I only lost about a quarter of my art...