Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wow the wind

Hello all! I was set up today at the Strawberry Festival in Cedarburg. The day was really nice and quite warm. It sure didn't stay that way. By midafternoon, hubby called to warn us of some bad weather headed our direction. My assistant for the weekend (aka Julie from Makeityourown) and I got the remaining walls attached in no time, but I left the front open until it started to rain. I guess I shouldn't have waited. Because, before I could get it all zippered up, the wind tore at us. I'm standing on a stool in the rain and lightening, trying to get the last zipper down. Then people started running and screaming! I couldn't believe it! Complete chaos! I have no idea how strong the gusts were, but it was strong. Julie said the poor man across from us had a look of terror on his face as he desperately tried to hold is tent down. He was lifted momentarily off his feet! His tent survived. 

 Not everyone was so lucky. A few poor people nearby had their tents fly out into the air and across the parking lot. Artwork went flying, it was scary! My artwork and my tent were just fine. I love my Trimline canopy!!!! I had quite a few weights holding it and I zipped up the wall facing the storm first. So, altogether I was OK. After my tent was fully zipped, I ran over to help a few other pick up what's left in the rain. It soon slowed to a drizzle and I packed up my artwork to leave for the day. The local Fire Dept arrived and were checking if people were hurt. They were also warning that hail maybe coming.  Julie and I just left for the day. Que sera sera!

On the way to the car we saw a tent that was blown across the street into another parking lot. What a day! I needed to sit down, dry off, and have a drink! Julie and her sweet hubby took me out for dinner and a drink. I'm so lucky!

I'll be back tomorrow in the Cedarburg Cultural Center parking lot. I hope my luck holds out!


knitsteel said...

Some wild weather yesterday! I'm glad you and your tent made out ok.

shebrews said...

My friends with Mosaics were the ones who lost their tent and art near the road! It was really devastating to them. I wish I had known sooner you were there, for I walked over there on Sat.eve, but did not go today because my friends did not come back. I was by City Hall and we stayed in tact---but, today, ugh, on and off rain. How did you do?

Creative One said...

I am still having images in my head of the storm and art work flying around us. What an experience. I am so lucky to have met Xanthe and she is a wonderful cheerful famous artist friend!!! We laughed alot!
See you here again for South Shore Xanthe!!!