Wednesday, June 18, 2008

South Dakota Part 2

Our second day in South Dakota started with some shopping. We spent a while in a local rock and gem shop. We all found something we wanted! Then on to Custer State Park. Man this place is huge! We drove up to the top of Mount Coolidge. A gravel road goes around and around, up and up! I admit to being nervous a few times! What a view! Totally worth it. Funny thing was that everyone else up there was from Wisconsin! 
On to the "Wild life loop" We really didn't see too much other than lots more prairie dogs and pronghorns. Then we ran into these two. Aren't they cute? Now I want a burro! 

We had a picnic lunch on a chunk of granite and then on to the Needles Highway. Just Beautiful!!! The kids loved climbing around on the rocks around Sylvan Lake. I was nervous the whole time, I really didn't want any broken bones!
We were in the park for hours and hours. Next on to the Forest Service cabin we rented for 2 nights. A brief storm came through, but nothing too bad.
Cute cabin huh! 

We were on the summit but the view was trees and more trees! Very nice, not much wind and no bugs. The area was covered with beautiful flowers. But more on those later :-)
And so ends day two!


knitsteel said...

That's the vacation I want to take next year.

MineFull said...

I never thought of renting a service cabin, good idea with kids. (we've stayed at the free campgrounds in the boondocks)