Monday, July 28, 2008

Happily Ever After...

This past weekend, my youngest brother, Thadd got married. 
I adore Krystle and I'm so glad they found each other! They both looked so good. Thadd in a brown tux with ivory shirt and tie. Krystle in this gorgeous ivory dress. More than one little girl at the reception wanted to be near the "princess".

OK so NONE of my photos turned out...ugh! I need to get some from the photographer.
For now though The newlyweds...

Look at that grin and those dimples!

This was the "guest book" I made for them. I painted tree branches from my yard ivory. Add to that a couple of clay pots with cement, white xmas lights, and turquoise tulle. The guests added their congrats and greetings to handmade tags with fun pens. Then each tag was tied to the tree. Now I'm going to bind the tags into a book for the happy couple.  
I know these are all grainy photos.... On the tree were two glittered and feathered birds. They started out as vintage plastic birds to cover xmas lights. I closed the large hole made for the light, I gave each a good dose of glitter, a feathery tail, and a beaded hanger. Now I just need to bind the tags into a book for the happy couple. Cute huh!

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MineFull said...

That is an outstanding guestbook idea! very nice

you and your brother have the same dimples! too cute ;)