Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Inspired by Ruth Rae and crafting in odd places

*edit* I added a couple close ups on my flickr page 
See how shallow the water is! I'm standing on the shore while taking this shot.

I recently purchased Ruth Rae's Soulful Doors DVD. I love her work and I frequently haunt her blog. This is a fun project! I highly recommend her DVD. She is a good teacher and explains the process well. 

I didn't have a chance to try anything out until last Friday. Mike had the day off to go fishing. At the last minute we all decided to go. The kids and I would swim, he would fish. So I had about 30 minutes to gather a few things. I had no book to read so I thought to make my own "Soulful Doors" project. I already had a few dotee doll materials packed in a small box. I grabbed cheese cloth, scrim, ribbon and lace. I dyed them apple green using acrylic paint. I shoved them in a bag wet to dry out later. 

So here we end up. On a small beach on an island in the Wisconsin river. A very shallow spot. I hung the wet dyed fabrics out to dry and I sewed away. The kids swam and I sewed (and got sunburned). I tried to stay loose and intuitive using only what I brought with me. 

It turned out very different from the DVD project. Not as fancy I guess, but I was able to finish most of it out on the water. I had to make the bird at home and finish the Teesha Moore inspired stitching at home. Then I painted and old frame, removed the glass and stitched my finished piece onto watercolor paper.

Now I need to figure out how to adapt what I've learned into my own style, something different???? Isn't that the challenge? To take what you learn from others, expand on it, and make it your own.

At about 5pm I went home but Mike and the kids fished until dark. They did well too! The kids caught enough Crappie, White Bass, and Catfish for two dinners    :-)


Creative One said...

You inspire all of us!!!
Great project and so funny what you write!
I haunt your blog!


Carlos Luis DeMedeiros said...

You have a brilliant mind>
I really love what I saw.