Sunday, August 24, 2008

Henry Vilas Zoo and a day in Madison

This last Saturday we spent the day in Madison. Our first stop was to pick up a cupcake stand I ordered from Jenny Blasen on Etsy. What a cute idea. I never got to meet Jenny, she was hard at work finishing things for her shop.  Though I did get to meet her family. I forgot to take photo of the cupcake stand but you can see it here. Mine is the taller of the two. 

Then on to the zoo. I love this little zoo. It is still free to park, and free to wander around. They even have decent prices in the gift shop. Which of course the kids had to stop at. I ended up not talking too many photos. It happens all the time, I forget I even have the camera with me! Here are a few pics though.......
Capypara...I love him   A huge (maybe 75 pound) cousin to my cavy, Patch!

Prairie dog enjoying a snack.

Bucky badger is here!

Polar bear enjoying a cool shower.

 Time to feed the goats.

We couldn't leave Madison without going to the Learning Shop, Hobby Lobby, Borders, and having a good dinner out. What a long day!


Kim H. said...

Great photos the Madison zoo is the best! We go a couple of times a year sine it is only 30 minutes from us!

Creative One said...

Great trip to that zoo!!! I was there as a child. Love your cupcake stand...when are my cupcakes ready to be picked up?????