Monday, July 12, 2010

Carla Sonheim Drawing Lab

This is such a fun book! I messed around over the weekend on some of the projects, but have decided to start at the beginning and go thru each one.

I like to sketch out ideas, to get them out of my head...but the sketches are for me alone because they are horrible. I have never been good with line. I had to take drawing classes in college to get a BFA. In my Life Drawing Class it took till the end of the semester before any of my drawings even looked like the model!

I admit to avoid drawing....but this book makes me want to practice. Partly because she dosen't write the book telling you how to draw, but the exercises make it relaxed and fun. The more you draw they better you get. Painless process

So lab one is drawing cats in bed, hmmm. I decided to try with my left hand. Very odd feeling, and the 2 cups of coffee probably didn't help!
I had fun though. Emma joined me on the bed and soon both dogs were there too!

pretty horrible but in a way I like them????
I had to try some birds

look at the poor starved kitty!

color adjust kitty

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