Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Road Trip Part 5

Trilo dig!!!! Yay!
With a freshly patched tire and a refill on water jugs, we ventured back out into the wilds!

Instead of going down the road to a BLM area to dig (where we got the flat tire),
we went to a pay site, A New Dig INC
Essentially, they use big machinery to scoop up piles of shale. We split them open to find the goodies. Easy and fun. Within our 2 hours we found maybe 80 trilos parts, wholes, and fossil imprints. I'm going to make jewelry from some small specimens. Worth the 60 bucks.

Emma and her prize bug

Great view

Afterwards, we found a great campsite nearby

View within Wheeler Amphitheater (Swasey Mountains) Utah

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