Saturday, July 10, 2010

I almost forgot the day we spent in SLC!

We spent only one full day in Salt Lake City. My brother showed us around, his way. We walked and took mass transit. Breakfast was terrific at the Original Pancake House.
We took the bus to the University
to see the
Natural History Museum.

kids got to hold hissing cockroaches!

Then on to the City Library. What a library! For one thing it is huge! I couldn't believe the size of the kids department. Look at the kids "attic"

What a great view!

The kids liked the street food, we come to Utah to eat Chicago Style Hotdogs???

We stopped by the Clark Planetarium and on to the mall.
We didn't shop at The Gateway Mall. We watch chalk artists fancy up the closed street and the kids got wet! Slightly soaked kids in tow, we headed back to my brother's cute brick bungalow.

After dinner he drove us out to The Great Salt Lake. Pretty mucky since they had lots of rain before we got there. I was in the desert getting eaten up by mosquitoes!!!!

We'll need to go back and spend more time in SLC.

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Kerri said...

i'm so sorry about the mosquitos- but hour beach photos are beautiful!!