Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Road Trip Part 6 --- YAY Arizona!

I'm finally getting to the last of our vacation pictures....

The last main stop on our vacation was North Rim of the Grand Canyon. I have never been to Arizona, but I loved it! From Kanab, UT everything looked just like Utah. Then we entered a forest. Until I started planning for this trip, I never knew there was a National Forest in Arizona. Kaibab National Forest was such a nice surprise.

Don't boycott Arizona, you'll miss out on so much!

We arrived at dinner time and found our campsite easily. The campground is beautiful, clean, and very quiet. Our spot was right next to the Transept Trail, and Transept Canyon. The elevation did bother me at first. The next morning, when we went out hiking, I felt dizzy. Not a good thing when hiking next to a canyon! The feeling passed and we went from the lodge to Bright Angel Point, short hike but so beautiful! I was in awe the whole time. I was almost teary, it was so amazing.

Trail to Bright Angel Point

I cannot wait to go back! We were only there for a day and a half. Not nearly enough time.

Kaibab Squirrel ---only lives in Kaibab Forest, AZ

View from our campsite

another view from our campsite

Tired feet

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